Doodle Doodle Doodle

19 05 2008

My internetfriend, CurlyWurlyGurly, is holding a doodle contest for National Doodle Day.
Information regarding Doodle Day and it’s FABULOUS prizes can be found in this post.

My entry is my rendition of this cake:
How Angel Lush Cake is SUPPOSED to look

(Take a small box of vanilla pudding and mix it with 20 oz. of undrained crushed pineapple.  Fold in a tub of whipped topping.  Cut an angel food cake into three layers.  Layer the pineapple concoction between the cake and refrigerate for at least an hour.  Top with berries.)

And here’s how mine turned out:
Scary Cake

This would be my lopsided cake.  The things sticking out of the cake are the bamboo skewers I used to try to keep the cake from sliding off my plate.  This was after about half of the pineapple stuff ended up on the counter.  Ends up that angel food cake, being all spongy and whatever, doesn’t take to typical stabilization methods.
I pout to Steve.  “My cake [in the fridge] doesn’t look anything like the picture.”
“Oh, THAT’S what that is!”

Despite it’s looking like something from a nightmare, it’s good.  Damn good.




2 responses

19 05 2008


That was one of my gram’s favorite cakes.

Awesome. Nice doodle.

22 05 2008

I’m so sorry to report that I did not do your gram’s cake justice. Scary Cake is scary and the fact that it hasn’t hung itself from the light bulb in the fridge is still amazing.

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