Stephanie Smells Like Mothballs

18 05 2008

In what can only be described as THE  MOST EXCITING SATURDAY EVER (next to last Saturday when we brushed and washed the dog), we went to the local version of the not-affiliated-with-the-real Antiques Roadshow.
Can you sense the excitement?!
Excitement at the local PBS Station

(The letter said that they expected to be busy in the morning and thus, I guess, no one showed up until later.)

We went with another couple and we played the “how much do you think this is worth?!” game on the way into the appraisal.
Out of the four of us, only one came close on one item.  It was an old school book and out friend guessed $12 and it was $15.
We were expecting these to be our cash cow with guesses of a couple hundred dollars:

Silver Birds
Well, not these exact ones… our friends brought them and they looked like pewter.  The guys mom got them for her wedding… so we’re thinking they’re like Super Heirloom.
We get up to the table and the guy says that they were silver plated and someone took all the silver off and they very well may be reproductions.  So they may be worth $50.  MAY.
We came very close to leaping across the table at the guy who OBVIOUSLY was an idiot.  And insulting.  As shown with this item, naw:

me: So my Grandpa brought this back from Korea.
Appraisal Jerk, bored: Ummmm hmmm
me, excited: And it’s a singing bird vase!
AJ, annoyed, rolls his eyes: I know what this is.
me, crushed: Oh.
AJ, bored: Well it is Korean…
me: I know.
AJ: And it’s in really good condition.
me: Cool.  Seeing as we played with it all the time…
AJ: The gold leaf is very delicate.  This is a bud vase and seeing as it’s newer, say 1950’s, it’s not worth alot.
me sad: Oh.
AJ: Like, fifty dollars.
me: Ah.

Ends up that he’s wrong.  Ends up that he doesn’t know what this is.  Oh, but hte internets does (and why I didn’t research this earlier, I dunno).  Ends up that this is part of a sake set.  When you pour the sake out of the, um, decanter?, it causes the bird to chirp.  So there stupid appraisal guy.

My other item was a full-sized, pull-down map of Buffalo (N.Y.) that I found in the basement rafters of the house I grew up in, as illustrated on the map, naw:

I also had a paper route in this area but that’s another post.
So I figured that I shouldn’t leave it behind, I toyed with donating it to the historical society but that would take like, time or something.  And over to the new house it came.
The bottom third/quarter is pretty damaged, you know, from being in the rafters and all…

And seeing as there’s no interstate/thruway listed on the map, I dated it to pre-1950.  How do I know when the interstate system was incorporated?  Because I’m a dork.  Told you so.
The guy who deals in books and maps was impressed.  So that was cool.
In fact, mine is the second he’s ever seen and he’s got the other one.  Cool.
Grated it’s damaged, but if (and he emphasized if) I wanted to get it restored and mounted blah blah blah.

(what you see to in the top right is a ruler-esque thing that us used in conjunction with the index on the back to find streets.  I knew that.  MapGuy did not.  I rule)
me: So I know it’s pre-1950’s, but when is this from?
MapGuy: 1918.
me: WHA!?!?
MG: Oh yes, 1918.  Isn’t it amazing what people stuffed into the rafters?
me: Well, I was off.  What is it like, in this condition.
MG: Like this, 150-200.
me: WHA?!?!?!

So feeling less then successful, and slightly annoyed, we head to THE BEST PLACE EVER for home restoration.
Buffalo ReUse
Holy crap, I had to unbunch my pants.
The nutshell version (for those of you who don’t want to click the link): Buffalo ReUse deconstructs homes (being they strip anything that’s salvageable; floorboards, doorknobs, sinks, doors, etc.) and teaches underprivileged kids how to deconstuct properly for preservation.  And then they sell the items in their retail store in the hood city.  And then they do demolition and they have community compost and a bathtub full of apples!  Oh, and they give city schools pieces of plywood to have students paint murals on and then Buffalo ReUse uses the murals to seal off houses until they’re demolished.
better than broken windows

so if you’re in the Buffalo area and are remodeling, drop off your old stuff or pick up some new old stuff.

And then I had falafel for lunch and picked up a jalapeño dip and another reusable bag (in purple!) from the co-op.

And then there was much drinking later and it’s one in the afternoon so I suppose I should get out of my jammies.




7 responses

19 05 2008

your roadshow adventures were highly amusing…cool about the map!

the reuse place sounds fun–i’d love to pick up some old doors and knobs for my next house (an old 2nd empire with a mansard roof that i have yet to locate and purchase.)

20 05 2008

I didn’t know you were into antiques. Given that I am cleaning out my dad’s/aunt’s/uncle’s house with lots of old type stuff, I should probably talk to you before I talk to that guy Craig who writes that List.

21 05 2008

oh, be still my heart.

If nothing else I’ll be a useful resource for the “yeah” or “nay” pile.

6 08 2010

I dont smell !

6 08 2010

i hate you all 😦

6 08 2010

stop mocking me

6 08 2010

i love you all 🙂

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