In Which Stephanie Confesses a part of her Dorkiness

16 05 2008

I’m a dork.
In fact, I’m a dork about many things.
Should probably explain.  I use to word “dork” to describe neurotic behavior regarding things, people, places.  Behavior that makes you pull your car to the side of the road in the middle of traffic.  Behavior that makes you run across a room to drop your two cents into a conversation because you think you heard someone mention one of your trigger words.  Behavior that causes you to scour the internets in search of information regarding your vice so you are more prepared in case you need to be.
I’m pretty dorky about music.  While I’m not as dorky as I  used to be, I still can name that tune in three notes.  And I know a fair amount of trivia about songs/bands and their useage.
This post is not about music though.
This post is about…. ANTIQUES!!!!
(and here I sit grinning like a Cheshire cat)
I heart antiques.
Big puffy heart.
I have no shame in attending garage and/or estate sales.  In fact, garage sales are one of my favorite parts of spring.
It’s hard in the neighborhood I live in to find good antiques as it’s a newer area (meaning lots of kid/baby items)
However, I do adore the Orchard Park Antique Mall and end up there once, sometimes twice a month.
Occasionally someone will sell the depression pattern I collect and I’m quite trained at spotting impostors/replicas.  My greatest find (so far) was a vaseline glass glass for fifty-five cents!!!  (there are links on the right if you want to see what vaseline glass is).
I’ve been trying to figure out what pattern I have so I can try to get the set.
I’m totally getting off track here.
Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to see Antique Roadshow.  Because I’m a dork.
And tomorrow, I get to go to one.  Granted, it’s not THE Antique Roadshow, but still, it’s people who are familiar with this regions history.
So now I’m deciding which two items to bring tomorrow.  I’m leaning towards my pre-Thruway pull down map of Buffalo.  I don’t know what the other item should be yet….
Less to say, I’m wicked excited and hope I can sleep tonight.  I’ll let you know what I’m bringing when I decide and I’ll post some pictures…. Maybe we’ll make it into a game.




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