Today’s Distraction

15 05 2008

My birthday is next month.
If anyone is wondering what to get me, may I suggest the Acme Bat-Man’s Outfit. L-O-V-E the toes.
Bat-Man\'s Outfit

The full Acme Catalog is available from Dump Trumpet.

Okay reader(s), what is on your Acme Wishlist?

(Note to Fastbackss: ‘member when we were in Philly and they had Acme grocery stores??! I still have my Acme Grape Soda.  Oh, and the can of Simpson’s Cherry Bomb soda you brought back from England.)




2 responses

15 05 2008

um…i actually shop at my local acme for groceries. 🙂 and that batsuit is slightly obscene.

20 05 2008

Of course I remember – your eyes suddenly became huge. I thought you were possessed as you marched towards the store.
And oh yeah – I remember the infamous Simpsons soda. I couldn’t just get one; had to get the six pack. Then wondered why a trail of syrup was following us in LAX. Then bawled as my $60 of British magazines were ruined. Glad you liked it though.

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