If Nothing Else, I Got a Gyro out of the Deal

13 05 2008

The final mark in my week-long triumphant adventure came this morning.
I sat for the Notary Public exam.
Within a week or so, I should know whether I’m a success or a failure then I get to apply for my license.
Good times.

Best part (of the traffic, the test, the parking, the people…) was getting a GOOD gyro.  Dear sweet baby Jebus, how I miss downtown food.

Oh drat, I lied about the final mark… I’m partaking in the final mark now.  Trying a sugar-free yogurt.
Why are you laughing?
Lemme ‘splain:
Exhibit a) Sugar has a lot of calories (for someone who loves sweets and has carbs go straight to her hips)
Exhibit b) Splenda and Sweet-n-Low make me feel spacey
Exhibit c) If someone can point me in the direction of a stevia-flavored yogurt, that’d be great.
Exhibit d) Nutra-Sweet, Equal, and the like give me WICKED headaches.

I figured with everything else I’ve overcome, the least I could do is try.
Besides, the fat-free Yoplaits have totally better flavors then the reduced-fat versions.
I raise my Boston Creme Pie yogurt cup to you Tylenol,  hope we don’t have to meet later.




2 responses

13 05 2008

Holy crap, you’re a busy woman.

13 05 2008

mmm…gyro’s. The best ones are out in Michigan. Damnit. This is not helping me gravitate towards that salad I am supposed to have for dinner.

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