Unsolicited Love for The Furminator

12 05 2008

Oh, Furminator, how do I love thee?

Ends up that the hairball with legs that made random appearances is actually Buffy.  I swear that I am not kidding when I say that she looks five pounds lighter.  And totally less like a stray cat who found her way into my living room.  And she almost looks happy.  Keyword being almost.
How much fur did I get off her initially?  Okay, cup your hands together like you were holding a grapefruit.  Now instead of a grapefruit, imagine compressed fur.
Ew, right?
Yesterday while I was looking for shower curtains, Buffy came upstairs and I got another couple good handfuls of fur off  her rump.
And here we were blaming Bailey for the fur problems…

As for Bailey, we gave her a brushing and without a lot of time/effort, we had two dustpans full of fur BEFORE sweeping (yield: 2 more pans).

Supposedly, this is product reduces shedding by 90%.  Granted, it was $35 (and came with free water-free shampoo.  Buffy now smells like an air freshener.) but I figure to keep the fur-dust-bunnies out of the hallway, it’s a small price to pay…

I heart The Furminator.




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