Gathering My Courage

8 05 2008

Okay Universe, I get it, alright?

Yesterday, the nice clinician from UNYTS called and calmed a lot of my fears.  Mainly with the phrase, “If at any time you’re uncomfortable, you can have us stop.”

Then, Kali takes off across the living room and across my leg and stomach with her claws out.  I swore and then I was okay.
I didn’t drop into shock.
This morning at work, the first thing I did was get a paper cut.  It hurt, but I am not dead.  Nor am I spurting blood everywhere.

When the foreman passed me (of whom I consulted yesterday as he’s a donor and even gives platelets) he tapped his inner elbow and gave me the “yeah?” eye and I nodded.

Half of me is doing this to help others and the other half is doing (or rather, will try to) it to prove that I can.  Not every needle-wielding person is a maniac who takes joy in making people cry.

Hopefully my next post will be about how I can’t believe I waited so long to donate blood.

Ready, BREAK!




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