6 05 2008

As you may recall, the Cybex Arc Trainer and I had a bit of tussle a while ago.
(viewable naw in case you missed it)

Let me tell you what new-fangled-torture-device:  I am on to you.
I know your game and I’m gonna play it.  easy-medium-hard-easy-hard-medium-hard-easy-medium-hard-etc.
Yeah, were you surprised that I went a whole 27 minutes on level three today?  Were you?
How about when I wanted to keep running, or whatever it is, after the work out was done?
Oh, you made me break a sweat today Arc Trainer, but next time we meet, I’m going all the way up to level 5.  Maybe 6.

All I know is this Cybex Arc Trainer, my ass is yours.




One response

6 05 2008
Average Jane

You, my new gym-rat friend, are my new hero. I look at those and squirm. My legs don’t do that. Nosiree. Uh uh. So, congrats, you have conquered the beast. May you gym long and prosper.

Gym Rat Jane

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