Fashion Industry, Why Must you Smite Me?

2 05 2008

Dear Clothing Retailers,

Please explain how you figure out what size clothing to buy.
For example, why can’t I find Levi’s 529 in a 6 short?  Why does Kohl’s carry different lines for petites then it does for misses; there’s a skirt I REALLY wanted and it only came in petite large or extra large.

And designers, please explain how you decide to discontinue an otherwise essential product.
For example, why does HUE not make men’s socks anymore?  Liz. & Co., why are you not making full length jeans anymore?

I have scoured hte internets for these items with no luck.

Being closer to 30 then otherwise, I am way too old to have my buttcrack hanging out of jeans.  And I am too young to be dressing like my mom (sorry mom…).  Where can I find a sandal that isn’t a wedge, cork and/or doesn’t make me look like a cheap whore?

And Daisy Fuentes, I expected more from you.  If anyone would understand the backside, I thought it would be you.  Well, and maybe JLo.

While I understand that styles rapidly change, WHY cant’ I get a 3/4 sleeve shirt in March, shorts in July or a sweater in Janurary?

Let’s not even talk about what I came to work in today.  It was a short night.




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