Meant for Each Other

30 04 2008

Having about 4,000 better things to do last night (dishes, laundry, clean the cat box, take B to PetSmart for a nail clipping, vaccuuming, etc.) I decided to scan a crapload of old pictures onto my PC and start yet another project I won’t finish.
Steve’s getting the house ready for having  his bowling team over and (I think) he’s kind of expecting me to have seat cushions done by then.  That’s another issue all together.
It\'s a different kind of flying, all together

Sorry about that.

Anyway, he comes upstairs to check on progress.
Him: How goes it?
me: It goes.
Him, looking around: Uh, what are you doing?
me: Going through old pictures.  Look, here I am before my junior prom.
Him, frightened: Ah-ha.
me: I wore a bowling shirt all day until I had to put a dress on*.
Him: I knew we were destined for each other.

* In high school (gag) I had a real identity problem… I didn’t really have a set fashion sense and often dressed in oversized/men’s clothing.  I guess I could get away with it because I was so cute (wink).  I think the only other time I dressed “girlie” was when I would wear a plaid skirt with honeycomb leggings, combat boots, my “Sin” nin shirt and a dog collar necklace.  Yeah, so Stephanie who may look very together nowawdays was not always so.  This is a long footnote.




2 responses

30 04 2008

surely you can’t be serious…

i am serious..and stop calling me shirley.


2 05 2008

Let’s take some pictures, boys.

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