Um, Yeah, 1992 Called…

29 04 2008

I am in sixth grade at a new school. The Thing to do in winter is go to The Charity Ball.
This Is a Big Deal.
And being like 11, if I don’t go, well, I believe that I will die an embarrassing death, never being accepted by the smart kids.
We weren’t in any position to purchase a ball gown (and I’m not exaggerating, this was A Ball, not a dance.) so I convinced my best friends sister to let me borrow her prom dress.

Stephanie c.1992

And I convinced my equally-as-socially-hopeless best friend to come along.
She wasn’t up on the cool tunes and during the slow part of “November Rain”, she comes back from dancing and sits with me at Table 9*.
I didn’t get a dance the whole night. I wanted nothing more then to go home.
Thus began my sour grapes towards dances.
Perhaps the dress had something to do with it.

*I don’t know if we really were at table 9, but it’s a Wedding Singer reference.




3 responses

29 04 2008

those white pumps are HAWT! lol…i think i had them in red…and i wore them with *gasp* stirrup pants. what a trollop i was…

1 05 2008


If my eyes weren’t so blinded I might make a joke about how pure you once were!

2 05 2008

Wow. Who among us (who also lived through the 80’s and early 90’s) could rightfully cast a stone at that dress.

I went to one Christmas dance (it was a dance, not a ball). It was a Santa Switch thing and the guy I asked had lost interest in me by the time of the dance. Unfortunately, I was absolutely crazy about him so I had hoped to charm him back at the dance. That didn’t happen, and he was clearly miserable. Anyway, it was a traumatic event for me…I never went to a prom, and I blame the Christmas dance experience for it.

I wore a dress that my mom made for me (the top part was red plaid, the bottom was black), homemade earrings out of craft flowers, and had my hair spiral cirled. The year was 1989.

Thanks for sharing your picture 🙂

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