Drunken Blogging = Regret on Monday Morning

26 04 2008

(many Sam Summer and some Molsons later)

Some people make booty calls when they’re drunk.
I sing “Kenya

and I dance to Kenya.

Complete with wobble.

I am the most bestest bartender eva.




2 responses

26 04 2008

Went to the bar recently. They had karaoke – and I am not ballsy enough to do that. Well, ok, I couldn’t drink enough to be able to do that, since I had to drive home. Plus I would have really wanted to “drunk blog.” Instead I sober blogged today and it was boring as hell. *sigh*

28 04 2008

It’s hot when you sing and dance to Kenya. I wish two things becasue of you.

1. I had a person to “booty call”
2. My “booty call” would sing and dance Kenya before AND after we had sex.

As if it’s not hard enough to find a date that meets my very strict standards, not I have to add this to the list. Sigh

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