Thought about Childboring

23 04 2008

Someone in the office got news that they’re going to be a grandpa.
While I can imagine the elation that he must feel, how are you not creeped out by the thought of your daughter getting it on?

And I the only who thinks about how babies are actually made?




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23 04 2008
Optimus Prime

I can’t STOP thinking about it!!

23 04 2008

THANK you for posting this. I swear I had a similiar reaction when one of the guys who works for me told me his wife was pregnant. My immediate thought was “ohmygodIdon’twanttothinkabouthowthishappened”.

24 04 2008

are you the stopbouncing that posts on my blog?

if so, how come you don’t leave your link? instead, i end up searching for you and possibly leaving comments on the wrong person’s blog. 😀

24 04 2008

Today was “Take your rugrat to work day.” While I didn’t really think about how any of these ill-behaved crotch droppings were made, per se, I did spend an awful lot of time thinking “why couldn’t their mothers keep their goddamn legs shut.” I can’t think of many days that I despise going to work more than this.

25 04 2008

i thought you just went and picked them up at babies r us….hmmm…is there something i don’t know here?

26 04 2008

I noticed it before, but it didn’t register till just now for some reason – isn’t it child(bearing)? Isn’t childboring what you do when you make them go to church?

28 04 2008

maybe it is bearing vs. boring…

Guess I figured that future tense is boring.

Maybe it’s a weevil.

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