The Potential of Sheer Delight

22 04 2008

As faithful readers know, I’m amist my neurotic cleaning phase.
Steve and I have had the same round about discussion about the metric ton of weights in his basement.

Let’s set the way-back machine for 2003.
Steve and I have moved pretty much all the stuff we wanted from my house and almost all of the stuff that his parents basically threw in the back of his truck.
Nary a visit to the [eventual at this point] in-laws passes without mention of the weights in the basement, which are Steve’s, and which need to find their way to our house.  Like, yesterday.
Eventually the weights find their way into our vehicles and rather then setting them in say, the garage (which is so much closer to the curb then the decided upon location), he decides that the basement would be a much more fitting location.
And not just the basement, but the complete opposite side of the basement.
“I’ll set them up and use them!”  he proclaims.

Flash forward to 2006 (or was it 2007?)
I have decided to take a dance class which requires me to fit the basement with a certain apparatus, shall we say,  and the only place to put this item is in the back room of the basement; where the weights are.
I now move the metric ton of weights across the basement floor and tell Steve that the weights need to go.
“You used them!” he defends.
“Pushing them across the basement hardly counts as usage.”

Flash forward to March 2008
“Can I get a Bowflex?” he asks.
(round robin conversation about the practicality of a Bowflex, including, but not limited to: useage, fitting it in the basement, time required to use and where it is going to go.)

We I have been trying to get these things out of the basement for as long as they’ve been in the basement.  We’ve had two takers on them, but the pile of metal remains.
One of our friends was over last night and asks about them.
“If you get them out, you can have them”, I sputter before Steve can object.
“Bu-“, he tries to interject.

Fingers crossed, perhaps they will be gone by this time tomorrow.
If the two other people would like to, everyone may wrestle, shirtless, to see who gets the weights.
I’ll even judge.




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