Stupid Voice in my Head, Always being right…

19 04 2008

Between machines, Mental Image Stephanie is cheering me on.
Who’s hot?
Who’s fierce?
Who’s kicking butt?

I sit down at a contraption I saw from the bicep curl (you would THINK that after the Arc Trainer, PERHAPS I would have known better…)
“Deltoid/Pec Fly”
And as I’m setting the machine up and finding out where my tolerance is, another voice chimes in.
Stay away from exercises that make you have a flying motion.

Insert flashback music…
I am at the PT’s office, receiving treatment for what we think is a rotator cuff tear in my right arm.  We’ve gone as far as we can and he shows me some things I can do to help build the muscles in the area.  “Now remember Stephanie, stay away from exercises that make you have a flying motion.”

Return to the present.

Mental Image Stephanie suggests that maybe we shouldn’t do this.
Current Stephanie says that the injury was from 2004, it is now 2008 and I’m sure I’m fine.

Mental Image Stephanie was right.
Now that I look back at my activities last night, I was totally not using my right arm.  And I’m right handed.
This explains why I did not sleep well last night and why it’s not pleasant to move my arm more then fifteen degrees.

Stupid voice in my head, always being right….




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