Could This be the Cornerstone Covered in Moss?

18 04 2008

I’m sure it’s a bit preemptive, but I almost feel like I turned a corner in this whole on-going battle with my self-image.

Yesterday was one of the first “real” spring days.  I triumphantly removed the insulation from the leaky windows, opened all the windows, Bs and I played many games of chase-the-ball-around-the-yard and I did not go for ice cream on lunch.
I also did not purchase ice cream from the ice cream truck (which is totally a lie, it’s just crap on a stick).
I also did not go out at 8:30pm to Dairy Queen or Charlap’s for ice cream.
I did however eat a bag of 94% fat-free popcorn and washed it down with three comically large glasses of water.
I only had one beer; as opposed to my customary first patio beer indulgence.

I’m thinking that the stupid, evil, archaic Arc Trainer had something to do with it.  I pushed myself.  And I feel better.  Like I didn’t think that I would be able to clear that hurdle.  But I did.
Gym bag packed, I’m ready to try something else today.
It’s supposed to be a deeeelightful weekend and I think that I will try to spend tomorrow picking up the yard before the rain comes on Sunday and I get back into spring cleaning mode.

The weather has broke and so have my doldrums.




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