Question for My Fellow Cuberats

14 04 2008

(While I asked this in another post, I am reposting as it’s own post.  “say post again.” “post.”)

Dear Fellow Cuberats,

What makes it acceptable for an office person to be funny?
Why is it that some people (I’m talking about in the office environment) seem to be downright annoying instead of funny?
Is it delivery?
Is it something else?
Why is it that one person can say some, have it be chuckleworthy, but another person can say a very similar thing and you want to staple their shirt to the cube wall?





One response

15 04 2008

I’m convinced it has to do with where it’s coming from. Some people say things just because they are naturally funny – we like those people. Some people say funny things that come from an evil place. Some try too hard to be funny and it ends up coming across as pathetic. I don’t know about you, but I do not heart pathetic.
And sometimes, the person is just an asshole and because you are intuitive you know that, and therefore lack tolerance.
But that’s just my two cents.

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