Dream Theatre

10 04 2008

The details are a bit sketchy…

We end up at some weird bar, which given it’s location, should have been redneck. However, it ends up being some seedy urban club, complete with stripper poles; however, everyone was fully clothed.
Not even good poles, but horrid poles. For example, one was collapsible and had these huge seams in it (which can totally not be good for slides).
So this awful bar has a contest going. One part was improvised and the other part was the DJ calling out a while bunch of moves to see who can do what.
One of the women was really good and the other, excuse the prejudice, should not have even been on the pole due to her weight. The really good one could do all of these beautiful moves, like she was floating.
So we saddle up to the bar, and after a wait, we finally get served. I think we ordered four beers and two mixed drinks and it came up to five bucks.
Some guy comes up to me and tells me that I look like I should be up there, they pay attention to the people in the spots. Seeing as the last part of the comment didn’t make any sense to me, I stand up on the footrest of the barstool to see what he’s talking about. There are four circles, one at each corner of the stage, where the really good dancer keeps putting her feet and executing her moves.
The music changes and I ask the bartender if this is anything that we would like and she tells us no and that it’s best to downstairs. So we do. The basement looks like the basement of a guy I used to date and the seating area ends up being pretty much the same as the bedroom of the guy I used to date. I can hear the music through the floor.

And at some point, I ended up in a church, with a full on mass going on and I recall something coming over me (yeah, yeah, it was spiritual) and I was totally like, blissfully happy and I recall thinking that I was dying. There was a guy there from work who was holding my hand in a very “PRAISE!” way (not a “hey, whatcha doing later?” way). This is the only part of the dream that makes sense as the guy who was holding my hand is born again.

Steve left me because he thought I was cheating on him. When it happened, he was Steve in theory but he wasn’t Steve in looks or mannerisms. I don’t know who he looked like or who his demeanor resembled, but it wasn’t him. So we’re in this dumpy apartment (which for some reason, I think was in France) and I’m trying to find my way back to him to let him know that I in no way cheated on him. I can’t find my way around and there are doors everywhere. Meanwhile, I’m being chased by this guy who wants to get with me. So naturally, I have my suspicions that he’s the one who told Steve that I was cheating. I do not know who the other guy is. I kept going into all these rooms to try and find Steve and I did eventually find him, but he was so very very angry that I didn’t know who he was.

Right, so yeah.
There’s a couple reoccurring themes worth mentioning.
1) Every once in a while I dream about religious experiences. I often wake up thinking that I should either go to church (and I’m not catholic/Christian) or get back in touch with my spirituality.
2) I dream of losing Steve quite a bit.
3) Often when I visually lose Steve, I am in some kind of maze with lots of doors.
4) People in my dreams are often an angulation of people I know in real life. Usually Steve is Steve. In this set, the guy from work was 100% him and Steve was an angulation.

So, all of you dream interrupters, have a field day!




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