Flex Appeal

9 04 2008

A little known fact about me: I am an arm girl.
I love arms.
Few things turn me on more then the well sculpted bicep of a gentleman; of course, “the hip indent” trumps all, but that’s for another post.

Steve, in all his quirkiness (and cavities), has this habit of eating candy right before bed.
Last night, I’m already laying down, watching Futurama, when he comes in doffs his shirt, sits on the edge of the bed and picks up the large bag of Skittles from the night stand.
Eating a few at a time, the TV basks him in a blue glow.

me: uuuuuuggghhh, must you flex your arms when you eat Skittles?
him, smirking: Uh, yeah.
me: but why?
him: They’re heavy.
me: they’re Skittles.
Him, flexing: yeah.
me: you’re going to turn into a Skittle.  They’re like your new favorite food.
him: yeah… Skittles and Chicken Wings… SkittleWings.
me: that’s just gross.  Wait, so do you form the chicken wing out of Skittles and then fry it or do you use the Skittles as a condiment, like blue cheese?
him: Condiment, totally.
me: This conversation has gone too far.

He flexes another handful of Skittles into his mouth (while the voice in my head screams that you CAN NOT eat a handful of Skittles at a time, they need to be grouped together in like flavors and acceptable combonations), lays down and promptly starts snoring.




One response

11 04 2008

I don’t think my husband is capable of falling asleep without first having scoffed a bowl (or two) of Garden Salsa Sun Chips…not in bed though, as chip crumblies in bed are very bad.

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