This is bad idea because…

7 04 2008

So, I’m racking my brain on what my to write as a new story; seeing as writing makes me feel better, not to mention smrt [sic].
One of the pages I subscribe to has a post about what happened in the ’90s… and I’m thinking to myself “what a premise for story!  A person gets stuck in this eternal time warp is is socially retarded!  Awesome!”
And then I remember the show, The Winner, and figured out that a story like that shouldn’t be written.  Ever.
Other help-help-I’m-from-another-time viewings:
* Blast from the Past
* 13 going on 30
* The Time Machine (okay, grated that the OTHER way, but you know what I mean)
* Back to the Future (if you DARE bring up #3 after this post, I will tie you to railroad tracks and let you be run over by a STUPID time-traveling/ghost train.  You’ll get the stupid.)

Short version: here we go again… I will spend more time THINKING about what to write then writing.




2 responses

7 04 2008

Have you ever heard the adage that there are no new stories, only new ways to tell them?

Check out the book “20 Master Plots”- it might help you get started.

7 04 2008

There was a show in 2002 called That Was Then about a 30 yr-old who is transported back to his high school days. It lasted a whopping 2 episodes!

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