Here’s a Fun Game

3 04 2008

Dear Reader,

Here is a fun game for you to play.
Below are two conversations taking place at a yearly physical.  One is the actual conversation Stephanie had with her doctor, one is the conversation as Stephanie imagined in her head.  You get to figure out which one is which.  Good luck everyone!
Note: Doctor in this case is a loosely used term as he runs a practice and basically you draw straws to determine who will see you.

Conversation A)
Dr: Okay, let’s take a look at your chart here… and how is (insert any one of the maladies I have)?
me: (appropriate answer)
Dr: I see that your weight down from last year, but I’d like you to continue to work on that.  Here are some tips.
me: cool.
Dr: Let’s get s look in your eyes/ears/mouth.
me: aaaghhhhhhhh!
Dr: And inhale, hold, exhale, again.  Tell me if you feel any pain when I push down.
me: No issue.
Dr: Ah, and your blood work is due.  Our phlebotomist is out so I’ll write you a script to get your blood work done.  Remember to fast for 12 hours.
me: Ew.  Okay.
Dr: And I see here that you have a number of things marked on this depression assessment.  Let’s talk about that.
me: (open dialog)
Dr: And let me explain how you can expect to feel due to your medication and the impending emotional upheaval you’ll have.
me: (open dialog)
Dr: Seems like you could use refills on your nasal steroid.  Still working for you?
me: Yup.
Dr: Let’s see those moles that you’re concerned about.
me: Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  Oh, and this one.
Dr: I’m not concerned.  Keep an eye on this one.
me: Right on.
Dr: And for your jaw, stop talking so much.
me and Dr: Har dee har har!
Dr: See you in a couple of months!
me: Alright!
And I bound out of the office.

Conversation B)
Empty handed Dr enters the room: Still liking the Zoloft?
me: Yes indeed!
dr: Okay, taking a peek in your eye/ears/nose.
me: ag-
dr: good!
me, knowing I have a full snot locker: um?
dr: and inhale.  Good.  lay back.  let me know if there’s pain.
me: We’re good.
dr: so I’ll write you a refill for your Zoloft and for your blood work.  See you in three months.
me: Wait, um, what about refilling my steroid?  Can I go anywhere to get my blood work done?
dr: Sure, we can refill your ‘script.  And, um, I guess any place should be able to do the draw.  bye now.
me: Wait, would you please check a couple moles for me?
(banter about how if I’m concerned, I should see a dermatologist.  Steve and I see the same practice and they removed his…)
dr: okay, so see you in three months.
And the doctor bounds out of the room.
scheduler: Did the doc answer all your questions?
me: No, actually.
scheduler, looking surprised: oh.
me: Really, what’s the point of having me fill out a book of paperwork if the doc isn’t even going to bring my chart into the room?
scheduler: um…
me: Good thing I’m medicated.  Oh, I’m unhappy, but this time last year, I would be livid.
scheduler: Sorry?

So, Reader, how’d you do?
If you came to the correct conclusion, then you would be able to gauge the level of agitation and the increased level of agitation when Stephanie tries to get a hold of the QC person at the office.

Follow Up
got a hold of the QC person who, in as many words, that “that’s not right” and “I’ll speak with [the person who did your assessment]”.  I totally know she was trying to defuse me, but let’s recap.
(I said=they said=BUT)
No chart= Dr. reviews the chart and discusses it with you.  No charts in the room.= Any other time it’s in the room.
Rushed=All the notes taken = that’s AFTER I had to basically block the door
Didn’t bring up anything listed on the paperwork=It’s all reviewed= I KNOW I scored high on the depression scale AND I’M BEING TREATED FOR ANXIETY!!!!  Perhaps a little extra digging?
So, while I feel better that someone knows, I’m still rather agitated that I feel like I was told “that’s not what happened.”




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