Due to Popular Demand

2 04 2008

(I guess I didn’t realize how much my work mishaps interested people…)

A co-worker and I are walking outside, discussing the weather (it was a legit discussion!) and I hear a voice behind me talking as well.
It was mentioned that the parties ride had not arrived. I thought that there were two people behind us, so I paid no mind and continued my conversation.
When I got into the truck, I realized that there were only three of us in the parking lot.

You know that person (and you all do) who tries to wedge themselves into an “A” and “B” conversation, especially when no one was really talking to them?
I revert to my Brick Tamlin commentary.

Perhaps this leads into another topic…
At what point is joking acceptable?
Is it if you’re cute?
If you’re capable?
If it’s actually funny?
I ask as I began wondering if when I say things that I think are funny regarding causal observations, is it really funny?
Nemmie and I made a similar comment regarding something the other day.  While I thought I was super witty, I rolled my eyes (in my head of course) at an almost similar response from them.
Perhaps I’m not as witty as I thought I was or perhaps I’m less tolerant when it comes from someone else… although all similar responses do not warrant similar behaviors.  I guess what I’m saying is, if someone I don’t have such a cringe reaction from says something funny, I laugh.
What line in the sand differentiates?

It should be mentioned that while Nemmie was singular in the past, I think that perhaps there’s some kind of mitosis going on…




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