Adventures in Chili: Follow-up

31 03 2008

Yesterday I posted about my adventure in chili making and I’m pleased as punch to announce that the vegetarian chili is, in fact, not lethal.
It did need a bit of Frank’s and I did cave with corn muffins (dude, love me some corn muffins), however, it was really good.
With a small bowl, I was full for quite a few hours.

While I couldn’t get a bowling-tournament-drunk-Steve to try it (“what’s in it?” he asked. “stuff”, I answered avoiding eye contact.  “No thanks.”), I’m sure it’s just as good with regular meat in it.  Though I think it’s a combo of the Boca and beans that is filling.

Wow, that’s a lot of information about Chili.

Oh, right, and I should probably mention that I am, in fact, not a vegetarian, however, I do not really care for meat unless I’m in the mood for it.  And meat does not care for me, despite what I want.  So it’s not the moral reasons that I don’t opt for meat dishes, it’s the digestive reasons.  And now you know the rest of the story.




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