Paranoia, Self Destroyer

28 03 2008

Okay, so apparently someone from the office has found my page. Don’t really know how.

While I have been careful not to post anything too incriminating, I’m still a bit unsure if some of my off-color commentary is a bit foot-in-mouth.

I do have a bit of regret over the fact that I suppose it is irresponsible to post things that may be immature, not to mention, not funny to whomever it is I am typing about.

Less to say, the paranoia has set in and I think I’ll just post about cooking and the gym and Steve, seeing as he doesn’t know how to read anything that’s not a schematic.

Once this straightens out and the fear of losing my job over calling people out on behaviors (really, does my posting make me any better then anyone else?) subsides, perhaps I’ll revert.




5 responses

28 03 2008

BOOOO! That stinks…damn hackers!!!

28 03 2008
Shop Guy

It’s amazing what insight can be found with a Google search for bacon frosted beer muffins.

28 03 2008
Shop Guy

and you can stop worrying. I think you’re hilarious.

1 04 2008
fastback ss

Same reasons that I don’t say anything too incriminating in mine. Still hope to enjoy some of your insights…just make them really general 😀

2 04 2008

Oh shoot.

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