If You Know What’s Good for You

27 03 2008

Last night, he comes home from school (around 10-ish) to find me in bed.  “What are you doing in bed already?”
“I have PMS really bad and I’m hungry and nothing is satisfying my cravings and I figured that if I went to bed, I wouldn’t eat.”
I go downstairs to socialize with him and end up eating a can of Beef Ravioli.  This is after I ate 1/2 box of mac&cheese (all the cheese, 1/3 the mac), enough candy bunnies to give me a stomach ache, 7 pieces of sponge candy (which I purchased for Steve), some soup and drank three comically large glasses of water.  And this is AFTER going to the gym… hell lot of good that did.  Personal experience has shown that when I workout, I often don’t want to eat as much in the evening.

The bitch of it all (besides me)… when he came home, I took out my night guard and ended up “popping” my jaw out.  And in.  And out.  And in.  In essence, I chose the ravioli due to its softness and low chew factor.  And due to my PMSing, I am SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME and it hurts to open my mouth due to last nights dislocations (for lack of better term).

Anyone have a blender I can put some bacon in?  I really want a breakfast sandwich, but there’s no way that’s fitting in my mouth.  I have a hard enough time with those when I’m not recovering from a TMJ outburst.

The other stupid part is that I eat like an idiot during my PMS episodes, which makes me gain weight, which takes two-to-three weeks to burn off, just in time to eat like an idiot again.

A word of advice, surrender the chocolate and no one gets hurt.




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