Steve, once again, Saves My Sanity

18 03 2008

I met Steve in Best Buy because he had my glasses.
As I am walking in, I see Nemmie walk to the trash can and into the store.  This is after he parked soclose to my truck that I had to back up across the parking lot to get out.
I run, find Steve and grab him, “He’s here!”
“Who’s here?”
“My Nemesis!”
“Which one?”
“From work!  The one who annoys me!  He’s here!”
“Well, I HAVE to see this.  Where is he?”
And we make our way around the store, with me hiding behind Steve.
“There, that’s him!”
“That’s him?”
“Stephanie, look at him.  He doesn’t even know where he is right now.”  (Nemmie is walking towards the exit and looking all around, as if the was the first time in a Best Buy…)
“But he’s so annoying!  He’s like Brick!”
“That guy.  Right there.  He’s the one who drives you crazy?”
“YES!  It’s like his social button is broken.”
He looks at me, pats me on the back and says, “I was expecting something different.”




One response

26 03 2008

Significant others can be so handy for hiding behind sometimes!

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