Note to Self: iPod Durability

12 03 2008

We’re in the laundry room, switching laundry.
him: Say, how’s your iPod.
me: Dunno. Why?
him: Yeah, look familiar?  (holds up a melted iPod)
me: Oh. my. god.
him: yeah.  Through the washer AND dryer.
me: it’s still good!  it’s still good!
him: It doesn’t turn on.
me: It’s because the battery is dead.  It died while I was listening to The Hip last weekend when I went grocery shopping.
him, disbelieving: Um-huh.

Note to self: Do NOT put an iPod in the washer and/or dryer.
Oh, it still works, but the screen is cracked and only the time at the bottom is visible.
F-ing a.  I can’t have anything nice.




2 responses

12 03 2008

😦 Boooooooooo.

13 03 2008

OH! That is so sad. I am sorry for your recently reconstructed ipod. :\

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