How to Piss Me Off: At Work

11 03 2008

(if you actually work with me and do any of these things, I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal…  And these are not necessarily current peeves.)

  • Use the last of the paper towels/coffee/copy paper/fax paper and don’t replace it
  • Leave faxes on the machine.  Especially those journal/transmission reports and obvious junk mail (“Go to Cancun for $0.12!!”)
  • Use a wet spoon in the powdered creamer
  • Don’t rinse your spoon after mixing your coffee
  • Leave your dishes in the sink
  • Leave the sponge in the sink, directly over the drain
  • Talk REALLY LOUD on the phone
  • Have your phone turned up so loud that people across the office can hear it
  • Fart around all day and then complain about how behind you are
  • Woe is me… especially of my own doing
  • Overuse air freshener
  • Assume that because I am at my desk, I am at your beck and immediate call, being able to drop whatever it is that I’m doing to help you
  • Invade my personal space
  • Move things on my desk
  • Comment on the paperwork in my in-box
  • Comment LOUDLY on how busy I look
  • Try to be funny when you’re incompetent
  • Leave your water/coffee/soda on my desk for an insane amount of time
  • Eat a banana and throw the rind in my trashcan
  • Read me the riot act when I don’t ask you if you want anything for lunch and never offer to pick me up anything if you go out
  • Read over my shoulder
  • Comment about how you’re going to change things after you’ve been here for three days
  • Comment about how I do my job
  • Tell me I’m wrong
  • Assume that I am stupid because of my age or hair color
  • Complain about how hard it is to do a simple task so someone will do it for you
  • Come to me minutes before the end of my shift and ask me to do something labor intensive
  • Clip your nails
  • Provide running commentary on whatever task I’m doing Provide running commentary on whatever you’re observing
  • Ignore me
  • Accuse me of things that I did (or did not) do; whichever makes me look bad
  • Set me up for your falls
  • Don’t listen to me
  • Complain when I don’t notice your new haircut/glasses/shirt but you don’t notice my new haircut/glasses/shirt
  • Call me “kid” (or some variation thereof) because you have a child (or grandchild) my age
  • Leave coffee/water/food on the kitchen counter
  • “Not my problem”
  • “That’s not what I said.”

Yeah, that’s about it off the top of my head.

What pisses you off at work?




One response

11 03 2008

Do people really clip their nails at your work? Gross. I just found you by surfing wordpress – nice blog! I would be interested in your short story if you are comfortable sharing with a complete stranger. If not, that’s cool too.


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