Are People Really This Rude or am I Too Sensitive?

6 03 2008

I am so totally confused.
Is it just me or had there been a major recent flux in the rudeness/obliviousness spectrum?

For example:
We have some one who does things, I’m sure with all good intentions, which create giant problems for others in the sphere.  It is quite a common occurrence and it’s like a trail of chaos will lead them back.  Do they not realize that people are upset with them and their actions?  The body language alone should be enough.

Another example:
One of the blue-collar workers comes in to get some water from the cooler.  One of the newer white-collars says, in a way I though was condescending, “What?  Do you think you’re special and can have the special water?”
BC: Mumble
WC: Yeah, thought you were special.
BC: Grumble.
WC: Help yourself to the special water.

Is this a common ailment or is everyone concentrated in the vicinity of me?

I take that back… Allison had this problem.




2 responses

6 03 2008

The warehouse workers from The Office would never put up with snobbery like that.

6 03 2008

no crap. Karma would bite me in the rear for the number of things I’ve thought about doing to these people.


(oh, wait, who I am?)

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