K.Wo.B: Curtains

6 03 2008

Continuing work with K.Wo.B. (kitchens without borders) work, I made these curtains in about 2.5 hours.


And here they are from the other side (mainly because I want to show them off)


Looking at this picture reminds me that I forgot to get light bulbs today.  Crap.


Here’s a close up picture so you can really appreciate the awesome cuteness of these curtains.
We’ve been here since 2003 and this is the first set of curtains this window has seen since we moved in.  I have no idea why we didn’t put anything but blinds up for almost 5 years.  kinda wish I would have done this sooner.

How I did (results may vary):
*Purchased 5 yards of fabric.  Overkill, perhaps.   Make that 10 yards.  5 yards for the front and there’s a lining on the back.  The front fabric is some quilters 44″wide bolt stuff from Jo-Ann Etc.  The lining is clothing lining, but not the super cheap or super expensive one… I think it was $2.99 a yard.  (cost: approx $25.00)
* Purchased slightly matching but a little contrasting thread.
*I think these are 55′ inches long…  I split along the natural seam of the fabric and that made the curtains the width as you see.
* The piece in the middle is actually a tube created from a left over piece.
* I still have enough to do the little window in the kitchen.

Right, so Stephanie Does Curtains.




3 responses

6 03 2008

Very cute curtains Stephanie! I wish I could sew =(

7 03 2008

So cute!

8 03 2008

Those are insanely cute.

We have no curtains up in our house. I have a slight superstition about curtains in my house. When I finally got around to puting curtains up in a previous house, I ended up moving out (under not so good circumstances) a month later. I guess I just need to be inspired by your pics and get over it.

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