Required Post About the Weather

4 03 2008

The only reason I remember what the weather was like last Tuesday is because I have ballet on Tuesday Night.  If the school is closed (as I go to the high school for my Continuing Education), I don’t have class.
Last week we were supposed to get this terrible/awful/horrific/life-changing storm, so they closed the school and I didn’t get to dance.  I also did not get any of the storm as predicted and I’m pretty sure I sat on the sofa eating popcorn for three hours.
With last weeks storm, I did not have any pain.
Oh, right, let me clue you in on that.
So, back when I was 15/16, I slipped on some wet stairs and overextended my Achilles tendon.  In fact, I overextended it so much that the only way to fix it is to cut it and wrap it around my ankle bone.  Seeing as how that sounds about as much fun as having your Achilles tendon cut and wrapped around your ankle bone, I have opted out of this procedure.  Thus, during the spring, fall and particularly rainy periods of time, my tendinitis acts up and I’m in any various level of hobbled.
Right, so with last weeks storm, I was pretty pain free.
This week, no so much.  In fact, it started flaring up last night and I’m fairly certain that my nightmare last night was caused by my ankle.  (see, the injury came from a relationship where I was chasing a boy up the stairs of my school… it didn’t last and said boy showed up in my nightmare and was sabotaging my marriage.)
Today’s pain is even worse then last night.
This storm is coming… Looks like I won’t be dancing again tonight and if I do, I’ll be all wrapped up.  Because that’s graceful.

This ends the required weather post.




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