Positive Self-Talk

21 02 2008

‘s a fact. (or so I’m told)
Positive self-talk can help change your ideals and better help you reach your goal.
This morning I’m evaluating my ensemble in the mirror and I turn around to check out my butt.  Self-centered, maybe, but (ha!) I’d say most people see me from behind (ha!).
So here’s the dialog, which may have been in my head or to Kali. Whatever.

“Holy crap, your ass looks huge.”
“Hey now.  It’s certainly not as huge as it used to be.  These are your skinny jeans.”
“You’re right!”
“Remember when you were layering your shirts to cover the muffin-top?  Yeah, not so much.”
“So true!  This shirt is long and has a wide band.   You looked fierce in these same jeans and a different shirt.  Hurry up so we can get some Hortons coffee.”
“Hell to the yeah.”

And like that, I went from telling myself that I was a disgrace and failure to telling myself that I rock.




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