You Win This Time…

20 02 2008

(wordpress was being a cranky pants yesterday so I wasn’t able to post this…)

Bacon was calling me.
Like a tantrum.
So I cave in and go to Tim Hortons for lunch.
While in line, I’m contemplating what to order, besides a turkey club wrap.
It’s my turn to order.
The words come out of my mouth before I realize what is happening.  “TurkeyClubWrapComoboOnWheat.”  (for the record, a combo comes with the sandwich, coffee, soup, roll and doughnut) (dude, Boston creme, hello!)
“Will that be all?”
I think to myself, sarcastically, “Yeah, a ba-dunk-a-dunk-butt and a bagel.  Awesome.” but respond “No, that’ll do it.”
WorkerBee gives me my total and I pay, thinking that it’s a good price for the glutton I’m about to partake in.  I look forward to my coffee and doughnut, wondering why he hasn’t asked how I want my coffee and what kind of doughnut I want.
It then dawns on me that he did not hear the “combo” part of the order and I just paid $4.35 for a sandwhich…. which took 5 minutes to make.
Oh, cruel fate, you win this time… telling me that I don’t really want a sweet doughnut, covered in thick delicious chocolate and thick sweet custard on the inside… the kind that kind of oozes out over your fingers because it’s so full it comes out of the other side when you bite into it and the custard from your fingers tastes almost as good as the custard in the doughnut and then you realize that you’re moaning and your co-worker is looking at you like you’re re-inacting the scene from “When Harry met Sally.”

And in other, yet somehow related news, this article on, warns that one SHOULD NOT ingest parasitic worms in order to lose weight. *puts down truck-stop-vending-machine-egg-salad-sandwich*

And in other, yet somehow related news, I have decided to set a goal for myself (which, par for the course will stick for about 2 weeks).  And if I meet this goal (both in time and in idea) I am going to reward myself.  I know what the reward is.  I’m not telling though.  I need to motivation to actually do it.

Raise your water liters!  A toast.  To willpower!




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