Note to Self: #32

17 02 2008


When you have kid(s) and you’re at the grocery store and the kid(s) is screaming for another rip of cheese, PLEASE, pull into an aisle or off to the side before finding the deli bag in the cart, opening the bag, ripping off a piece of cheese and making sure the “good baby” has gummed and swallowed the entire piece.





2 responses

18 02 2008

Parents who feed their children in grocery stores annoy the hell out of me. Set expectations young and they won’t scream for cheese/put things in the cart you don’t want/wander off/etc. Ugh.

18 02 2008

Dude. Totally. It’s like that conversation we had at 5 de Mayo…
It’s a grocery store/restaurant/Lowes/Movie Theater/mall, not an amusement park.

Shoulda told that to the mom who told her fidgeting daughter to “watch what you’re doing, you don’t want to get run over” and then gave ME the stink eye because YOU KNOW it was my cart that got in her daughters way and not vice versa.

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