14 02 2008

I had a medication follow-up at the doctors office yesterday.
When in Rome…. I asked the PA to take a look at my (still hurting and swollen and purple) finger.
She obliged.
I am NOT kidding, she gasped and took a stop back.   She pokes and prods and presses.
“Would you be willing to get an x-ray done?”, she asks.
“Well, hypothetically, if it is broken, what can be done?”
“Well, um, not much. A taping… you know, it’s the very tip of your finger so there’s not much…”
“Yeah, well, I’ll pass then.  Why waste the time and resources.  I still have a split from when I crushed my OTHER finger.”
So, I know that they need an x-ray to diagnose a break, but it’s broken.
Steve’s getting The Flu.
Yeah, the one I had a few weeks ago.

What a match made in heaven.   So romantic with the discoloration and the phlegm.




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