Mind Your Own Business

13 02 2008

(perhaps this makes me a bad administrative assistant)
(or a really good one)

Co-Worker: Hey, so no Chris* today?
me: No, they called in [sick].
Co-worker looks at me blankly, as if waiting for some type of justification as to HOW ON EARTH someone would EVER CALL IN.  “Guess everyone deserves a day off.”
me: Um-hum.

I know why Chris* is out.  I feel that it is not my place to tell people about others personal lives.
Just like when a former co-worker was getting divorced and told me.  I didn’t tell anyone else.
I come from the school of “If you want someone to know something, you tell them. If you don’t want them to know, don’t tell them.”
When Chris* returns and co-worker asks where they were, Chris* has to option to be vague or specific.




One response

14 02 2008

My officemate and I have taken a vow of secrecy amongst ourselves…marital matters, job interviews, pregnancies, you name it. So nice to know that you can tell somebody something and have it be kept within the confines of our small office.

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