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5 02 2008

This is a post about food.

I picked up some Wegmans “Organic Super Yogurt”. I don’t exactly know why it’s super, it didn’t come with a cape and I don’t feel like I’m super after eating it.
It’s not that it’s bad… it’s got quite a different taste from StonyField Organic Vanilla…
But as I’m putting it back into the fridge, I look at the top and it’s got 1.9 BILLION good bacteria in it.

With a B.

Holy crap, if that doesn’t get my stomach to calm back down, I don’t know what will.


Maybe that’s why it’s super…




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9 02 2008

The Wegman’s Super yogurt is great. It’s Super because it has Prebiotic and Probiotic yogurt in it. StonyField yogurt I believe only has Probiotic which are additional bacteria that are already in your intestine…unfortunately some of the bacteria doesn’t make it all the way there. The Prebiotic yogurt is actually food for the Probiotic bacteria so even if some of the Probiotic bacteria don’t make it there, the bacteria that’s already in your intestines will eat the Prebiotic bacteria and will multiply, etc.
As far as your stomach “calming down” I don’t know what you mean by that but this will help your digestive system. You’ll probably pass a lot more gas and it will help your bowels move more regularly. Oh well it’s healthy for you and it tastes great!

10 02 2008

Hmm, interesting… I figured that all of the pre/pro bacteria is what made it super which is, well, super, but the taste hasn’t grown on me.
Maybe it’s the bacteria or that I’m used to fat-free yougurt…
perhaps I’ll try another flavor.

Thanks for the info!

22 02 2008

I bought some of that “super” “yogurt.

Took a big mouthful and spat it out.

It was gross.

I looked at the ingredients – there should only be two ingredients, milk and the bugs.

But, instead there was : sugar (ick), cornstarch, some weird fibre stuff called inulin, fish oil!!! and kosher gelatin made out of beef and tilapia!! And some vitamin D.

And then some bacteria.

This is exactly the shit Michael Pollan talks about. It ISN’T food! It is a food product.

I bought plain, lowfat, yogurt. I should not have to worry about sugar and meat products in it.

The label says “Wegmans Organic super yogurt pre & probiotic”

I called Wegmans and the poor customer service woman sounded exhausted and so apologetic. “Oh, I know, I know.”

I asked how could yogurt, such a simple product, be called “organic” when it has been through all that this stuff has been through? She said, “I know, I’m sorry, but all the ingredients ARE organic, but I know what you mean.” I asked about vegetarians. Why would a vegetarian think they have to check the label on yogurt, for pete’s sake? “I know, I’m sorry.”

This is nuts. Yogurt is a simple thing. It is milk and bacteria. It does not need to be reinvented as a complicated food production product.

It should not be. And if it is, there should be a clear indication of it on the top of the package – and it should not be called “yogurt”.

I prefer real food.

3 02 2011
30 05 2010

It tastes fine and it is a real food with real ingredients. I’m sure you eat artifical crap without realizing it.

3 02 2011

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