The Variety(s)

17 01 2008

1) We’re watching TV the other night and I’m basically looking for background noise while I play Suduku.
I decide that I am going to watch PBS while channel surfing.
Then there’s something on E! about the sexist jobs in Hollywood (yawn).  So I listen to that while Steve does him homework.  A commerical comes on and I flip back to the original program “Antiques Roadshow”.
Steve looks up from his paperwork, towards the TV, towards me and towards the TV again.
He barely gets out a syllable and I am already defending my range of programs.

2) I locate my Windsor Pilates DVD and decide that there’s nothing better to do then work my core for an hour.  While I’m attempting one of the asinine moves, I decide on concentrate on the background music.  I’m listening to it and it’s sounding familiar… then I realized that it sounded like music from a porno.




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