300.0 and A First

14 01 2008

The ICD-9 code 300.0 means one has general, unspecified anxiety.  This usually means that one with this diagnosis tends to dwell on things that are inevitable or have a slim chance of happening.
Dude.  Me to a T.

However, I’ve had a breakthrough.
I found this weird lump thing on my wrist over the weekend and I figured it was an ingrown hair.
After picking at it and realizing it probably isn’t a hair, I thought maybe it’s one of those wrist cysts like my mom used to get.
The breakthrough is that for the first time, possibly ever, I did not think it was cancer.  Used to be that any lump, bump, sickness, slow-healing-wound would send me into a craze for weeks.

So if this thing doesn’t feel better by tomorrow, I’m going to see my doctor…. and I’m not really as anticipatory about it as I would have been.

God Bless the Pharmaceutical Industry.




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