Looking at it from the “It could have been worse” angle

12 01 2008

I admit it.
Last week I completely chickened out and did not weigh in at Fat Camp.
I knew I gained.  I also knew that if I stepped on the scale, I would burst into tears, vow never to return and end up on that program about obese people on TLC.
So this week, I pumped myself up.  I was able to fit into my “comfy” jeans (not my skinny-me jeans) and I was ready to see how much I had screwed up.
At this time, I would like to present a statistic.  Most people gain between 7 and 15+ pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years.
I was up.  But only 4.4 pounds.
While I am not happy that I fell off the wagon, I’m not so far behind that I can’t see the wagon and in fact, I am going to run towards it.
My pedometer tells me so.




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15 01 2008


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