Lying from the Radio

8 01 2008

We’ve moved into a new addition on the office.
My co-worker and I are right next to each other, as opposed to across the room as before.
I’ve mentioned her love of soft rock (loosely used).
Now that we’re 10 feet apart, I find it harder to block out her radio with my iPod; knowing that not everyone appreciates industrial music.
So, to the lie, the station that she favors claims to have a better-at-work-variety.
My left cheek it does.  Sure, it’s a no repeat workday, but it is the same songs day after day after day.

Current songs working my nerves:
Anything by Celine Dion
Big Girls Don’t Cry
Rich Girl
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Anything that was listed as “DO NOT PLAY” for our wedding.

Now, back in High School, we used to have a teacher who would allow us to play the radio/tape deck and listen to whatever we want.  It was a constant battle between “The Goth Poetry Skater Kids” and “The Urbanites”.  I figure you can guess what group I was in.
Well, whenever it would be our turn to mope and “clear the spiderwebs”, The Urbanites would come up with some CalvinBall Rule that would make them allowed to control the radio.  Again.

Something tells me that my co-habitator will not be jumping up and down vehemently exclaiming, “Yo girl, dis my JAAAMMM” when Get into the Groove plays today.




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