Score: Stephanie 1, Popcorn Tin 0

4 01 2008

The holidays were very kind to my pallet, not so much to my waistline.
Yes, yes, I know that I’m not obese by any standard, but I can tell that I’ve puffed back up from the Holidays..  My pants aren’t fitting as well as they used to and that annoying spot under my chin has come back.
The only remedies are 1) stop eating so damn much 2) stop eating such crap 3) start moving more then sprints to and from the file cabinet.
I went shopping last night and pick up yogurt, celery, carrots.  There is a whack of bean soup prepared, leftover polenta, clean comically large drinking glasses and a cabinet filled with snack chips I don’t like.
It’s the second day I’ve worn my pedometer.
This morning, I made the commitment that I was not going to eat any of the festive popcorn that’s been taunting me from the other desk.
At 3:10, I had walked past the canister no less then a dozen times and did not succumb.  At 3:20, my co-worker dumped out the crumbs that were left in the bottom.
At 3:30 my confidence was reassured when I did not feel like crawling over to the tin and inhaling deeply, remembering My First Popcorn Ball.

One small victory at a time.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start working out again.




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