The White Album by The Beatles

28 12 2007

Used to be that The Beatles landmark recording, The White Album, would send me into a catatonic state.  (in a bad way).
I have some pretty nasty memories associated with The Beatles in general (as is with the Eagles and Beach Boys) and just listening to them would make me very pensive and quiet.
On the way back from Michigan, XM played the medley of Golden Slumbers and I sung along while Steve slept in the passenger seat.  I was surprised that I remembered as many words as I did.
Even though Golden Slumbers isn’t on the White Album, I put it on my iPod anyway.  Plus, I’ve had Helter Skelter stuck in my head for weeks now.
Nano gets plugged in to detract from “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and while listening to disc 1, I am filled with new memories.
No longer am I afraid and cowering.  The songs take me back to summer, Steve and I listening, no shoes on in the grass, playing catch, chasing Bailey around the yard…  instead of filling with apprehension, I am filled with happiness.

Oh, this is nice.




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