“No, YOU make no sense!”

17 12 2007

We’re out to dinner, watching the Sabres game, and the restaurant is trying to set ambiance by playing music clips as you would hear them at the arena.
me: Wow, they’ve broken out the KernKraft2000.
him: The what?
me: This song.  It’s called Zombie Nation and it’s by KernKraft2000.
him: This song is HORRIBLE!  Why is it even in existence?  (BTW, he thinks good music stopped being produced after 1975, unless it’s Pink Floyd, Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam or NIN).
me: I-Don’t-Know-Maaarrggo.  What’s the point of Castellorizon ?
him: to relax.
me: Well, I guess then that Zombie Nation is created to energize the audience.
him: pppffttt
me, sarcastically: Fine, what about “New Orleans is Sinking”?
him, knowingly: It’s about New Orleans Sinking.
me: And “Careful with that axe Eugene”?  And don’t say it’s about someone telling Eugene to be careful with an axe.
him: Ummm, (mumbling)
me: Uh-huh… and “Set the controls for the heart of the sun”?
him: Well, it’s about the Sun.  And setting controls for and it’s like a PS3 game, getting the controls into the heart of the sun.
me: You’re lucky you’re so cute.




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