“Thank Heaven for Zoloft” or “Suck it Stockpilers!”

16 12 2007

” Worst of Winter Storm Misses WNY”

Up and out at what some would consider the crack of dawn (7:30) to finish my Christmas Splurging, I didn’t make it to the grocery store until a bit before noon.
I mainly went because I was about ready to pass out from not having breakfast and walking around all morning.
Being one of those people who doesn’t really care where they park (unless I have to pee or am ill prepared for the weather) I was stunned, nay shocked, to find NO PLACE to park.  When I say no place, it’s not like the very end spot where you need a Sherpa to get to the store, there was NO PLACE to park.
The rumbling of my tummy started to overpower the stereo and I was considering parking in an adjacent plazas lot.
A spot finally opened and I beat out another car to get in.  Ha!
Once inside the vestibule, there were no carts.  I don’t mean that there were only inappropriately sized carts, or that cart that has the bum wheel and you need a linebacker to push it, I mean, NO CARTS.  How bad was it?  People who didn’t have kids took the carts that have the spot in the front for kids to “drive” into fellow shoppers.
After a light lunch of salad and water (which is what I would have eaten anyway), I was relieved to find carts.
Entering Produce, it really didn’t seem that busy.  Picked up some oranges (which were deeeelightful) and brussel sprouts (because I’ve never had them) and headed over to the meat/deli area.  The congestion was worse, but certainly not “the end is neigh!”.
It wasn’t until I got to the ground beef cooler that my eyebrows cocked.  If there’s one thing I’m picky about, it’s ground beef.  It cannot be below 90/10.  Ew.  Peering into the cooler, it appears that suddenly everyone has become very picky about their beef.  There were three 95/5 and about ten 80/20 packages left.  The chaos from the deli was starting to become louder, so I grabbed the two 90/10s with the heaviest weights and hopped over to chicken.  There was plenty of chicken, which calmed me.
Bread, that’s another story.  Milk, I’m lucky that I drink skim to begin with.  Speaking of milk, at what point does milk become so important that one will purchase organic milk when you can tell that the purchaser typically buys whole?
I digress.
Toilet paper, practically non-existent.
Then, it’s time to stand in line.
I cut down the cosmetics aisle to queue up when I notice a number of people standing in the cosmetics aisle.  Standing with carts.  Standing with full carts.  And what’s with all the pages for baggers and cashiers?  Getting to the end of the aisle, I realize that the line is about 10 people deep.  All the other lines and ten people deep.  WTF?
I start scanning peoples carts because I’m nosy.  Only one person really seemed to be stockpiled for a storm (water, batteries, canned food) a number of people had 28-packs of beer, but most people looked like they were party planning… chips, cake, soda…
Making it back out to the car, it’s the same situation as when I arrived… people vying for any spot they can get, almost running over people for spots, shoppers stepping in front of cars without looking…
And then when I wake up today, there’s a couple inches of wintry mix on the ground and a few more on the way, but as the headline said, the worst of the storm missed us.
As Nelson Muntz would say, “HA HA”.




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