Second Thoughts or Two Glasses of Wine Make a Difference

12 12 2007

Okay, granted, I was ready to put Bailey outside for all time this morning, but, as usual, things have changed.
(comma much?)
It would be cool if she could talk because I would know if I’m doing a good job raising her….  whenever I give her something, I always tell her what it is… so maybe she’d ask for it.  She kind of does… she knows how to tell me when she wants water, she knows “treat”, “walk” and “breakfast” and she knows to sit and wait for breakfast.
Even right now, we’re sharing Veggie Chips and when I give her one, I tell her what it is (“Tomato.  Tomato”) and reinforce and congratulate when she takes nice.
Geez dog, you really are practice aren’t you.
Here’s a shining example of her tolerance.  Granted, it’s blurry, but you can see the incredible pupsmile

Bailey Helps with the Tree




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