People from “The Other Side”, if you need assistance, please dial 0

10 12 2007

Not sure if it’s a side effect from the medication, but I’ve been having these remarkably vivid dreams.
Theses dreams aren’t anything of importance (it’s not like my subconscious is telling me how to cure cancer, though it’d be nice if it would) but they’re set in the same city/structures that I’ve been dreaming of my entire life.
What’s weirder yet is that I remember my dreams RIGHT when I wake up, but as soon as I roll over or wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth, I draw a blank on what happened.  This is new as I used to be able to remember my dreams for hours, days even.  The other other weird aspect is how I’ll be doing something later in the day (or even a few days later) and I’ll have like this, flashback, of something I dreamed.  Not an entire dream, but just a piece.  And when I’m waking up, I’m falling back into the dream, which is something I wasn’t fully able to do before.
Some of the dreams are reoccurring, some are new, but overall, I wonder what I’m trying to tell me.

Recent Flashback: … in the basement of the house and someone wants to get into the hidden rooms where the children used to play.  I try to stop them because I know that the spirits of the dead children do not want to be disturbed.  The people/person opens the secret door and loudly enters the room, insisting that everything electronic, working or not, be plugged in…
(this “playroom” was in another dream, but was located in someplace more along the line of Chuck E. Cheese)
(this house has been in dreams before)
(This part of the dream also happened before, but in reverse)

It’s not that I don’t like dreaming and I’m not getting frustrated in my dreams like I did before, but like, what I am supposed to get from them? And WHAT is up with the flashbacks?!?




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