The Televison Drama: Part Two

7 12 2007

me: So while you’re buying a TV, I think that I’ll head over to Olive Garden and have a martini.
him, hurt: What?  Why?  You don’t want to go shopping with me?
me: Let me tell you what’s going to happen.  You’re going to go to do on-line research, then go Circuit City, look at two or three tvs.  Then you’re going to go to Best Buy, you’re going to look at the TVs there, realize that they are different then the ones you already researched.  (he nods) You’re going to ask the Best Buy sales rep the same questions you asked the guy at  Circuit City. (he nods) Then you’re going to come home, research the new TVs.  Then you’re going to go to a few other stores, ask the same questions, go back to Circuit City and buy the first TV that you decided on.
him: Wait, how–
me: We’ve been together for six years, I know how you shop.
him: So true!




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