Ghost of Relationships Past or How I Potentially Avoided a Run-in From an ex

7 12 2007

I’m exchanging a gift at Bath & Body Works and I hear this familiar voice from a nearby section.
Peering over the top of my glasses, I see a familiar, distinguishable feature.  Wearing a familiar ensemble (black leather jacket, sneakers (whywhywhy?)).
What is my ex doing here?  I didn’t think he was in the area still, let alone the southtowns…  Things did NOT end amicably between us and frankly, I’m quite a bit nervous about a confrontation and the (predictably) sarcastic conversation that would follow about marriage and how fan-freaking-tastic my life is now.
Ducking behind a large display of seasonal lotions, I try and figure out how I can make my purchase and slip out of the store confrontationallessly.
I waited until he was well into the line and I queued up, pretending to be engrossed in haircare products.
Then the light went on.
I am 28.  This failed, failed, horrible mistake of a relationship was over seven years ago.  I am a completely different and happy person now.  WHY am I getting freaked out by running into someone who I don’t really want to see?
Gathering my courage, I peeked around the line to try and to visually verify the knot in my stomach.
When I got a better look, I realized that this was not the person I thought it was. 
I also realized that I was extremely foolish for letting someone intimidate me like that and I started regretting that it wasn’t him because I couldn’t brag about how wicked happy I am.

And this is where it may be TMI…. so stop reading if you’re easily offended.

When Steve got home, we had wonderful fantastic sex and I feel asleep smirking; thinking that life was never as good as it is right now.




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