Revolution of the Earth

12 02 2010

Is it just me or is there a disproportionate amount of “interesting characters” to “normal slubs” today?

Onto the topic at hand…
If the weather is inclimate (or cold, or I’m feeling lazy), I’ll take the train*.
There’s certain nuances I’ve learned about how the trains work. For example, trains leave the end station on the tens. There is also a train specific traffic light at the main stations, which when blinking green means that the train is preparing for departure. To me, this condition is akin to watching the other directions traffic light at an intersections; when theirs turns yellow, you will be moving soon…

ANYWAY, last week, this regular is all puffy and out of breath because she ran to catch the train (let’s ignore the fact that she had to run past 2 other cars to board the first car), exclaiming to her co-workers that the train is leaving early.
“But Sally**, it’s 8!”, comments one of her co-workers.
Sally retorts, “Not according to my car’s clock!”

Hello, NFTA, do you not schedule your departures according to Sally’s car clock?!
How could you!

Yes, this is the current train car system... some are newer, but 1984 called, they'd like their train back

Today, the train left on time.
Did you know, that trains have to obey traffic signals?
Because I did. Sally (yes, the same) does not.
Slightly out of the station, there’s a car/train intersection and the train had the red light.
Clearly Sally thought that the train was a non-stop way into work.
Exasperated, “WHHHHYYYY is the train stopping? WHAT is going ON?!?!”
Meanwhile, from the first car (which she ran, again, to catch), passengers can see the traffic lights.
You should have heard the noise from having to stop at the next intersection… “WHY isn’t the train going?! WHAT is happening.”

‘sall I could do to not throw my baffingly large tea at her.

Sally, the world does not revolve around you any more then it revolves around those people who think the train HAS to wait for them.
* by “train” I’m talking the subway which comes and goes to no where. And singularly lined.
** probably not her real name… I have my iPod turned up but I can read lips.

Wordless Wednesday

10 02 2010



7 02 2010

This weekend is Steve’s annual Boys Weekend to Montreal in which they catch a Canadien’s game, drink copious amounts of booze and take in the fine art museums.
Meh, ‘sno big deal to me… typically this weekend finds me destroying something in the house. Past endeavors have included painting our room, painting the upstairs hallway,
painting my bathroom, Redoing the Kitchen…

However this year, not really feeling the tao of paint.
Chalk it up to laziness.. I was asleep by 715 on Friday night and yesterday Charlotte and I went out for pedicures (“Yes, I cancan“), lunch and marathon shopping.
Today I have (or more, should, whatever) pick up Steve’s dad’s Bday present and embark  on another Cake Adventure as there’s another birthday party in the office tomorrow.
I don’t have anything else to do…

Wow, this was a boring post. Thanks for sticking with it.
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Continuing with the Food Irks

5 02 2010

If I haven’t mentioned before, Steve’s a picky eater. “What’s that?”, “I sure hope that’s not going in there!”, “Are those onions?”, “Why are you buying that pasta? It’s whole grain.”, Taco Tuesday, “It smells like garlic in here.”, “Too many beans!”. Some days it feels like I’m living with a toddler.
Don’t get me started on Bailey’s Special Dog Food (to keep her ears from inflaming) and Wet Food (to keep her butt from clogging up)… or the cats’ indoor diet.

Clearly, I’m the only one with any culinary sense in this house.

Seeing as ONE MEMBER of our house won’t* eat: fish, beans, tofu, ground turkey, shellfish, “weird” vegetables, anything too carby, anything he can’t pronounce…
Meanwhile, I do not eat veal and pork (as I do not care for the texture and taste), beets, pickled eggs or Spam  and I’m just learning to love eggplant.
ANYWAY, so seeing as I’m tiring of the same-old-same-old, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for new recipes, which brings me to the subject of this post.

Dear Recipe Sites and/or Cookbooks,

Please note that the following items are NOT recipes as it would take an IDIOT to not know what goes into preparing:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Grilled PB&J
  • Ham & Swiss
  • Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Nachos
  • Pizza
  • Chicken and spinach Wrap

I think you catch my drift.
My recommendation is that if you find out someone is searching for how to make a PB&J Sammy, you log their IP address, head to their home and hit them over the head with a slotted spoon.


For the record, last night’s dinner:
Cubed up chicken breast, cooked up in hot sesame oil.
When cooked about 75% through, added a (large) drained can of chunked pineapple.
Simmered for 3-5  minutes.
Added 1 bottle of chili sauce.
Simmered another 3-5 minutes.
(didn’t want you to think I was all “You people can’t cook!” whilst feeding the fam Mac&Cheese or Ramen noodles)

*and by “won’t” I mean reverts to a three-year old

Wordless Wednesday: Wilds of Ohio

3 02 2010



(from our friend’s patio window)

10 Things that Make Me/You Happy

1 02 2010

Even though he didn’t quite say I “had” to, I found DennistheVizsula’s 10 Things That Make You Happy fitting for a Monday morning.

  1. Marking places off my “Heard it in a Song, Gotta Go See It” … This weekend, we nixed “Chagrin Falls, Ohio” off the list.
  2. Popcorn
  4. Fresh cold water
  5. Getting photos set-up correctly and having them turn out like I saw them in my head
  6. A warm bed
  7. Cooking/Baking
  8. Funny no-reason texts from Steve
  9. The Gym
  10. My friends


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